The IoT Market Just Got Better.

The world is getting smarter. "Every day" objects are becoming even more connected and "talking" to one another.

We are here to help our customers get the most out of IoT and get on their way to a smarter way of living.

How IoT Works

IoT stands for "Internet Of Things". It is a connected network of several human and computer technologies all working in unison without the requirement of any kind of interaction, whether it be human-to-human, or human-to-computer. To put it simply, it is objects, "talking" to one another, based on a human action which has triggered a set of instructions.

A "real world" example would be configuring a routine to be handled by a smart device such as an Amazon Alexa. The routine would automatically trigger and perform a set of actions that have been predefined by the user. This could be something as simple as: When I leave work, turn my heating on at home.

This is an example of IoT because the human side of actions is simply leaving work which indirectly triggers the computer actions to be run.


Our platform comes loaded to the brim with useful features that are straight-forward and easy to use.

We don't want to bog our customers down with features that aren't helpful, or are used once every ten years. We wanted to keep our platform clean and tidy to ensure that it can be opened and ready to go.

Administration Panel

Manage accounts, users, devices and bluetooth devices easily from a single location.

We have created our admin panel to be as simply and straight-forward as possible. We didn't see the need to fill it with useless functions that no body would ever use, whilst ensuring it has the functionality to perform a plethora of tasks. Adding or editing accounts, users or devices is accomplished within seconds, edit system settings that effect all users such as SMS settings or panel navigation settings.

Mobile Application

What perfectly compliments been able to track devices on the web? Been able to track them on the go.

We have also developed an app to provide the full, all around, best service possible. Whether you are of the office and need to check where a device or sat behind their desk, there is a solution for every scenario.