Below you can find a list of some of the key features our platform provides.

Dashboard Overview

Our dashboard provides our customers with the ability to quickly and easily exactly where their devices are at any given time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Route Replays

Gone are the days of not knowing where each device is, or was. We provide detailed journey and event replays so you can see exactly what happened, when and why.

Comprehensive Reporting

Get detailed reports for as many devices as you require, in either a Excel or PDF format.


Using our platform, our customers can access device logs to view what SMS messages have been sent to and from the selected device. This allows them to see whether devices are sending and receiving messages, or what messages are been send to/from.

We also provide access to User logs allows our customers to see what commands are been sent to the selected device by users that have been granted access.

Fences & Alerts

Our customers can easily see when their devices are on the move utilising our Fence & Alert system. This allows for creation of polygon, circle or marker locations that can encapsulate a location which can then be configured to send an alert for all, or a selection of devices. This can be useful to know exactly when a device is leaving a depot, and/or arriving at another.

Bluetooth Device Tracking

Our platform can also provide a tracking solution based around Bluetooth tags and Gateways. This works by having Gateways installed in specific locations and as the tags pass within a vicinity of the aforementioned gateway, it reports in.

This can be coupled with the Fence & Alert system, allowing our customers to know exactly when valuable items are been moved around the site.

Example: A depot that handles products could use tags to track batches of products. Instead of the site manager having the requirement to go and look for a specific batch of products required by a customer, they can check our system to find its location based on which gateway the tag has last reported into.